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Taking this thing seriously

Since frigg obviously plans on keeping me here, at least for another month, I figure I had best start taking this blogging seriously. I've been planning on making progress reports on my writing, speaking more about my writing thoughts, etc. but I've been feeling too under the weather to do it. I still feel blurk--I shouldn't even still be up--yet, here I am trying to start the week off right.


Words for today: 105 (I'm amazed I was able to wrap my head around that many)

Words this month: 13,153 (aiming for 25K/month; will get one of those handy word meters soon)

Typo of the day: Typo(s)? Who knows. I'm too tired to look.

Darling of the day: it is much more likely that I had a typo than a darling today :o)

And now I will leave you with a general apology to anyone I've inflicted with one of my crits lately. I don't feel like I can write anything coherent; have no idea what makes me think I can review coherently...

Tags: ickiness, ttd, word count

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