The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Settled in

We are settled into our new, temporary home at last. Julien is already off on deployment with his new unit, making this place feel much like the old place. Only it isn't.

Surrounded as we are by things not our own--we are in a furnished rental, remember--makes it feel like we are on holiday. The proximity of the sea, the change in climate (did not expect the heat and humidity!), and the differing architecture makes the impression even stronger. The first few days, I had a hard time remembering we were still in France.

We may feel like tourists, but we haven't done much in the touristy vein yet, apart from my birthday "weekend," which Julien was lucky enough to be home to help me celebrate.

For the moment, all of us are enjoying the change and the opportunities it has opened for us. Long may it continue here in number 6 Butterfly Alley, on 11 Silver Coast Avenue. :)
The observant will notice that the Sprout now has four teeth, with a nice gap between the top two, courtesy of both sides of the family, but especially the Faure side. :P  In French, said gap is known as  "dents de la chance" (lucky teeth) or "dents du bonheur" (teeth of happiness)* because people possessing the gap are said to be gifted with luck and happiness.

(*excuse my clumsy translation. I should be abed now...) 

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