The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

The physical manifestation of procrastination

What does one do when one has:
a) to pack an entire house;

b) finish a draft of a book by Sept. 1st;

c) finish crocheting a blanket, among other projects;

d) art journal everyday;

e) crit a friend's MS;

f) host a cookout for 7 and tea for 4;

g) keep a very active baby out of trouble?

Why, one cuts 400+ squares out of madras and white cotton then sews the little squares into strips

and the strips into squares

and joins them with bigger squares to make a madras quilt top, a king-sized quilt top to be precise, the first quilt one has ever made (excepting a simplistic baby quilt --the one hanging on the Sprout's crib).

I used this quilt  from Pippa Patchwork as inspiration but had to recalculate for size and the more abstract look I wanted (smaller squares inserted in the large, frex).

Here ends the procrastination (I'll do the back and the actual quilting while watching the Rugby World Cup this Sept/Oct). I must now pack for the truck must be loaded Monday night, and we are hitting the road early Tuesday morning.  Next time I see you I will be in on the flanks of the Black Mountains or on the shores of the Arcachon Basin.

Be well, my friends.
Tags: accomplishments, artistic aspirations, feeling crafty, listmania, move, pics, sancerre

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