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Art Journaling and music

 I kept up my journal, even when I couldn't connect to the net, but I'm not going to play catch up with photos.  Today, I did two sketches, though, one in ink from an idea I had and a view of my village in charcoal.

I would have liked to ink in the water even more, but S woke up from her nap and the ink and calligraphy nib had to be put away.


I took S for a walk in the stroller to the lock down the canal. I've been meaning to sketch the village from this vantage for quite a while and am glad to have finally gotten around to it.  My perspective is way off, so I'll have to go back and try again. Have to hurry, though; exactly two weeks until our move. :D  

Here I am, posting about Sancerre, but the song below came up while doing so, reminding me of life in Mayotte, and before I was finished typing and before the song ended, Julien called to tell me that he just got through speaking to a Mahorais in Le Havre.

(the song is not Mahorais, but it was popular in Mayotte while we lived there)

Lala ha unono. (sleep well--my favorite phrase to say to my neighbors back in the day.)
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