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Art journaling

frigg  and I are going to start art journaling tomorrow. We've promised to do it each day for 5-30 minutes.  At the moment, 30 minutes sounds too daunting to me, but five, I'm sure I can handle.

Art and I have an uneasy friendship due to my fear of failure and desire for Perfection.  I always want to do something right and well the first time, so even silly sketching is hard for me to accomplish.  I hope journaling will help me let go and just "do."

The book I will be using for this project is a testament to how splendidly my grand designs and ambitions can fail.


I began using it for our first trip to Madagascar, and this watercolor, which I shared in this post (link opens in a new window), is one of the only ones in the book:

This unfinished sketch is the next, from our Madagascar trip in 2009, two years later, when a lack of wind caused us to make landfall in a village on the way to Belo-sur-Mer. We spent the day in front of this hut, watching Malagasy life go on around us, then slept that night on the beach wrapped in the sail with our two sailor "guides."

On the way to Belo-sur-Mer

I don't think I'll be posting my journaling--it will be good and, hopefully, freeing for me to know there is no possibility of censure--but you never know.  

Does anyone else keep an art journal?  If so, do you keep it private?  What are your feelings about art journaling? I don't just mean art as in the visual but also writing, etc.
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