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Still Down by the Loire

(Sorry in advance for the wacky formatting with the photos. I uploaded them to flickr and then posted here and LJ wasn't too kind about letting me play with the layout.)

I believe kids should explore their environment, hence letting Sprout play on the beach, but I know not everyone believes that babies should come into contact with "germs."  If such things bother you, look away...

If ever there were pictures of my daughter putting some pebbles in her mouth, I probably wouldn't post them.  Not that she would do such a thing.  

Down by the Loire6

Down by the Loire3Down by the Loire2
Down by the Loire1

Down by the Loire5Down by the Loire4
Down by the Loire7

Poor mite didn't want to go home. Er, yeah, right. That's not really why she was crying. Mean Mommy took a rock from her instead of letting her put it in her mouth.
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