The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Down by the Loire

 It is hard to believe that Sprout is already nine months old, that she has two teeth, that she is letting go of furniture, of me, to stand on her own, testing her leg strength and balance. Hard to believe she will soon be walking and talking.

Time goes by so quickly and soon will come the year when she is interested in where she was born, where she lived as a baby; so I took her down to the Loire this evening to capture some moments of babyhood in the environs she won't remember but will enjoy revisiting later.  Already it is plain that she takes after her momma, enjoying plant life and getting dirty...

lick all the way through and you can see the pics in more detail. 

More photos to come when LJ decides to play nice again.

ETA: She looks chubby but at her 9-month checkup, she weighed in below average and her height is right in the middle. It really is true about cameras adding weight. :P
Tags: nostalgia, pics, sancerre, splendid nature, sprout
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