The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Guess I should be careful what I complain about

Julien checked a magazine from the library, featuring a special on Bordeaux and its environs. Yesterday, after reading the article on Bordeaux, I called Julien and whined about the fact that we decided to rent something 45 minutes south instead of in the city. I was only teasing him, even though I did truly feel a twinge of regret.

Well, this morning, he called to tell me that the owner of our rental called to say that he had given the apartment to someone else and he only has one more available, one that costs 40 euros more per month and whose layout I don't particularly care for. *sigh*

So now we are back to house hunting...

Here's to hoping that this fiasco will turn out for the best, which I'm sure it will. It's just a pain having to spend time looking for lodgings from a distance.
Tags: move

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