The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Speaking of milestones

I forgot to post a couple of weeks ago that Soëlie started crawling in earnest, two days shy of being 8 months old.  Instead of wiggling and pulling and rocking herself along, she now hightails it around on all fours, making for interesting times in the Faure household, times which will be even more interesting now that I have to pack and foresee all manner of things lying about... Oh, and did I mention the two flights of stairs this apartment boasts?

Yeah, fun times.

(The Sprout being a goofball during the passport photo session we did while picnicking down by the river, a session which ended up being a waste of time since we printed the wrong format and had to pay to have them redone in Paris. Argh.)

No, this post is not an excuse to put up photos of my daughter; why would you say that? ;)
Tags: milestones, pics, sancerre, sprout
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