The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer


Because I am insane blessed with so much free time, I decided to make a bib for each wedding that Soëlie and I are attending.  She wears the bibs, but then afterwards they are intended as keepsakes for the bride and groom in anticipation of future babies.

Here are some pics because frigg  wanted to see.

This is Carolyn, my friend from Minnesota, with S.  The focus isn't on her in the photo, but you can see her more clearly here in a commercial she did for

As you can see, the bibs are made to coordinate with S's dress (used same fabric); let's hope each couple has a girl. :P I hope to have more pics of S in her outfit at wedding n˚2; she was too feverish and unwell for pics at the first one.
Tags: accomplishments, click it, feeling crafty, pics, sprout
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