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La Côte des Monts Damnés Revisited

Last night, J and I decided to eat out at the resto we went to for our anniversary since we won't, in all likelihood, get another chance. I want to write about it because I have already forgotten what we ate the previous time, but looking at my LJ brought it all back. :D And I really should have written about it last night because I've already forgotten the exact phrasing of everything. :-(

J's menu:

Prélude: Foie gras polée avec mousse de rhubarbe et chutney de rhubarge et gingembre. (Pan-fried goose liver with rhubarb mousse and ginger and rhubarb chutney)
Poisson ou Paturage: Dos de cabillaud avec vinaigre de soja. (cod topped with diced tomatoes, flat parsely, and mint served on a bed of baby spinach. Yummy - he let me taste it. [we always share; twice the pleasure])
Fromage: Cantal et trois morceaux de chèvre (three different pieces of goat cheese, all aged differently)
Dessert: Grand macaron (a large macaroon stuffed with cream and red currant preserves)

My menu:
Prélude: Crème de brocoli avec la chair de tourtereaux. (Chilled cream of broccoli soup with crab meat)
Poisson ou Paturage: Filet de dorade avec epinards et sauce de corail d'oursin. (sea-bream with spinach and a sauce made from the coral(?) of sea urchins. [Yummy fish])
Fromage: Just tasted J's
Dessert: Soufflé aux pêches des vignes (Peach soufflé and, I kid you not, the thing was five inches high and four inches in diameter)

I'm supposed to be watching what I eat--and for the most part I am--but yesty for lunch, I also made fajitas, everything homemade, from the tortillas to the salsa to the marinade for the meat. I shouldn't have flour-based products, but boy oh boy, they are sooooo good. Lots and lots of salad is on the menu for the coming days.
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