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American Girl

 Went to Paris today to file a Consular Report of Birth Abroad, and the "officer" officially declared the Sprout an American citizen!  So woohoo!  asakiyume  and sunflower_sky , I cannot thank you enough for filling me in on what I needed to do.  I have no idea where I found that outdated, erroneous information, but boy, was it easier just filing the report.  We also applied for her American passport and will receive it in a couple of weeks.  

It seems like a trip to Paris is not complete for us if we don't go to the Indian Quarter, up by Gare du Nord, where J and I had our first date, so we went there for lunch.  The restaurant where we dined almost 11 years to the day (!!!!!)* has long closed and been replaced by another--and then another--restaurant, but today we saw one across the street with the same name, Gandhi Restaurant, so we ate there.  S had her first taste of Indian food (eggplant, manioc, daal, and lamb) and she seemed to like it just fine!  She is our girl. :D

* We met exactly here 11 years ago on June 27:

...and had our first date a few days later on July 2. This pic was taken in April, when the temperatures were decent, not today when it is 37° C/98.6° F. And yesterday it was 37 IN THE HOUSE! and 38 (102° F) outside. ::melts::
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