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 Aside from Soëlie getting sick, I feel like it has been raining blessings on our household for the past few weeks.

While I was having a wonderful time in the States, J was training for the embassy service. He did so well that his instructors invited him to participate in a second, more specialized training.

Also, he got a call from a union friend who gave him a heads up that we are MOVING TO BORDEAUX!!!!!!!! 

The "99.99%" in the subject line is because the official telegram hasn't been published yet, but still, MOVING!

I don't know if exclamation points can express how excited about this I am.  J is fed up with the place we are in now and has been saying that he refuses to spend another winter in this apartment. This official move for work means that we will a) get to find a better home, b) won't have to come back to Sancerre for a 3rd time after J returns from his embassy missions, c) will get to discover another region of France.

So hip hip hooray!

Oh, he starts work in Bordeaux Sept 1st, so that means we are going to have a very busy summer. At the end of June we'll go to Bordeaux to house hunt, and then we'll drive straight to Carcassonne for a family wedding on July 2.  Sunday the 3rd we have to come back home because from the 4th-9th, Julien has another training in Rouen. 

Between house hunting and packing, I have to apply for S's US citizenship before moving further away from Paris (just easier to get it down when Paris is only 2hr drive away).  asakiyume  and [info]sunflower_sky , you were both right; all I have to do is file a Consular Report of Birth Abroad.  I do have to go in in person with S, though, to get it validated.

And, remember that Sept 1st dealine I have for my finished draft of TBU?  Yeah, that too...
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