The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

More Graffiti for a Birthday Girl

 Today is sartorias ' birthday.  She's doing something neat on her blog; she's inviting people to help her celebrate by sharing beautiful/inspiring things.  So, I'm putting up some prison graffiti photos from our trip to Loches that I didn't use the other day because she mentioned liking such stuff.

Dans cette prison, je fus enferme - In this prison, I was locked away.

"....entré en prison le 15 octobre 1813, et sortira le ...1814"-- entered prison 15 October 1813 and will get out ...1814

Go wish her a happy birthday, too, if you haven't done so, and while you're there, take time to read through the comments and check out people's photos, links, and poems. There is some good stuff to be enjoyed...and some weird, like funky crochet exhibits. o.O
Tags: birthday, france, friends, pics

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