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Goodness abounds

Back home from a very lovely visit to the south of France. Pictures and sharing to follow, along with other entries I've been promising going all the way back to March...

In the meantime, though, I want to share a hooray:

Julien received a telegram declaring he has been slotted into this summer's training for an embassy job.  This is the first step to "officially" being in the pool because he could be disqualified from the service should his test scores (in athletic performance, marksmanship, etc) fail to impress.  We aren't worried about this, but one can never tell. We are getting closer to an assignment!  So close that I'm starting to do research on our top three choices for a posting since J will be asked to state his wishes at the training.

Oh, second hooray:  Wild strawberries are here, and the little abandoned yard behind our house is studded with their cheery redness. 

What's not to celebrate?


I forgot to add that J was bummed that he wasn't going to get to go to the Minnesota wedding with me in June because of work, but as it turned out, his training falls during the exact same time slot, give or take a day; so, if he would have bought a ticket for the wedding, he either would have had to lose all or most of the airfare (we never buy insurance) or pass on the training and push back an eventual embassy departure for another year.

Mysterious ways, my friends, mysterious ways...
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