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Going to the Chapel

Soëlie and I have two weddings to attend this summer, so I decided I'd make her a dress for the occasion(s). One wedding is in Minneapolis, USA and the other in Carcassonne, France, so I'm pretty sure no one is going to call us out for wearing the same frocks twice... The first wedding is a month off and the second in July, hence why the dress is a little big on her now.

I have a better photo montage than this, but LJ is having a server problem and doesn't want to upload it.  We are leaving tomorrow morning for a 10-day trip to the south of France and I really want to post before we go, so mediocre photo it is. Accessories to follow as I have time to make them:

charlotte dress2
The Charlotte Dress

Made from the pattern/tutorial, generously provided by Jess from "Craftiness Is Not Optional" 

I bought this fabric in Dubai a couple of years ago, intending to have it made into an outfit for me for a wedding.  I never got around to it and then felt the fabric didn't look like "me" any more.  But it is perfect on Soëlie.  The fabric is embroidered and a therefore a bit stiffer than normal, so I had to make some adjustments to the pattern.  Both the bodice and skirt are fully lined--the fabric may be stiffer, but it is extremely thin and some of the embroidery threads were a bit willy-nilly across the back and a danger for Little Miss Kicky Legs.  And, fearing that the gathers would look a bit bulky, I opted for box pleats on the front, two kick pleats on each side in the back, and petal sleeves instead of the gathered cap sleeves.

I'm not a seamstress and I got waaaaay too familiar with my seam ripper on this project, but I'm happy with the result. So was Soëlie. Is it too early for a girl to be interested in clothes? Because, no kidding, she starts wriggling like a puppy every time she gets a new outfit. o.O 
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