The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer


I have a special request.  Would someone be willing to send me some seeds through the mail?  I want to try to grow tomatillos (the basic green variety), chiles (New Mexicans), and jalapeños.  People often ask me if I miss my homeland, and my typical answer is: Not really, but I do miss the vast spaces, the glorious sunsets that are the pay-off for the winds and farm dust in New Mexico, and Mexican food.

I do really miss authentic ingredients. Every year I think about asking someone to send me some seeds, and every year I let it slide, not wanting to put anyone out.

I've probably waited too long already, but I've decided, this year I'll do it, I'll ask.

So, anyone want to help a girl out?
Tags: gourmandise
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