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Making memories

Yesterday was the first time that I could take advantage of having two days off. (I actually finished with the school last week, but with the "party" I wanted to give my students and my acupuncture appt, it wasn't really a "day off.")

J and I decided to do some touristy stuff, since our time to take advantage of such things in the area is quite limited now. For the third time we decided to visit Guédelon, a chateau-fort that they are building using the methods and tools of the 13th century. The only negative part of the visit was the food. We, unwisely it turns out, decided to eat at the "tavern" and my choice was not the best one I've ever made. I will speak no more about it because just thinking on it makes me ill.

After the tour (our guide wasn't as good as the first one we had in 2003), we went to a nearby quarry where much of the stone for famous Parisian monuments such as the Opera House has been extracted. It was quite impressive...and cold--a nice change after the heat at Guédelon.

We went out to eat at a restaurant by the Loire. I'm too tired to list *everything* we had, but we both had pike perch with an excellent red wine sauce for the main dish.

I got up this morning at 4:30 with Julien to take him to work, and I had every intention of going jogging, but I wanted to wait until the sun came up. I went back to bed and set the alarm, but it didn't go off. I slept until 10:20! It was a rather lazy day in all, but I did do yoga twice and go to Cosnes to buy some flip flops (klip-klappers, frigg. Thanks for the new word).

I declared today "Liberate a Plant Day", so after supper, I drove down to the Loire and found a home for a potted rose and a rosemary bush. Long may they live in the wild! I took a book with me and read a little while by the river. It was lovely to watch the sunset colors dance on the water and the silver glimmer of hungry little fishes jumping for their dinner.

Now I must water my flower on the wall and hie me to bed...back to work tomorrow. Only two more weeks to go.
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