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Have to change my icon

So, after this post, I went ahead and cut my dreads off the next day.  I thought about what asakiyume  said about de-investing the decision to cut of its importance and others' wise comments/questions about whether the dreads represented who I am, and out came the scissors.

Without going into a long ramble about the whys and wherefores of my decision, I concluded that I really was ready for a change. Period. And so....

One last pic with the dreads

Off with her....dreads!

After whacking off the dreads, I had awesome long, wavy wisps around my neck and I dearly wanted Julien to shape the rest of my hair for me, but he was afraid of messing it up.  So, I caved, went to a salon, and came out very angry and upset.  The hairdresser did not listen to me AT ALL and the below mess cost me 51 euros ($71)...a haircut! WITHOUT styling!

I finally convinced J that he could do no worse and he set to giving me the backup haircut I had in mind: a mohawk.  Taking turns with the scissors and clippers, this is what we came up with.  Much better than throwing my money at a professional if you ask me.  And my darling girl has a hairstyle to match. Hers is all-natural, though, thanks to the hair-growth pattern she inherited from her daddy. :P 

And a front view of Soëlie.  See, frigg ? Blonde!  :)

It looks like she has a little Alfalfa thing going on. *lol*
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