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Here by Glimpses Known - A castle

Early this morning, frost was thick on the ground and the sun red in the sky, but a lack of sleep drove me back to my bed even though I sorely wanted to go out with the camera.  When I woke up later, the frost was still there, so we decided to go for a walk.  Alas, we thought to go further afield and when we arrived, the glittering was gone and the sky overcast.

We decided to stop at Chateau de Nozet just outside Pouilly-sur-Loire for J to taste some wine.   Pouillly and Sancerre are basically wine rivals, with Sancerre being the better known wine but not necessarily the better wine depending on who you ask. And who the winegrower in question is. Everyone's wine is different. Mostly Sancerre has more press because it perches charmingly on a hill that dominates the vineyards and the Loire River. Pouilly is located right along the river, hardly on a rise at all.

The wine was good, said he, but too expensive. The asking price was to pay for the chateau's name basically, a chateau we could not visit because it is private property, warded by nature,

and by man

Nature's wards are much stronger, as you can see; the castle looks positively ghostly and insubstantial when you peer through them...

So we came away with a few moody photos and a jar of confit de vin (wine jelly), much cheaper than a bottle of wine. :) And tasty!  I just tried some on a slice of homemade bread with some lightly salted butter. Eat that, salesperson, who kept looking at me like I was a lizard when I suggested doing something besides cooking with it.  :P


Feb. 24th, 2011 10:14 am (UTC)
Castles make everything better. Or at least picturesque. *lol*


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