The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Making tracks

Inspired by the nifty tracks asakiyume  posted, here are various and sundry tracks that I had a blast photographing in the biting chill of a Utah morning during our world trip.

Despite the warm tones of the sands, it truly was very nippy as it was October and we were on the dunes before dawn to catch the first glimmering rays on the crystal grains.

And here is an odd one out, a photo of tracks taken in Yellowstone on our hike to Grebe Lake.  We should have put a hand by the prints to give them scale, but they were quite large, at least 3" across, if memory serves. Anyone have any idea what they could be?  I looked in the guidebooks in various park gift shops and ranger stations and didn't see anything similar. 

Tags: pics, round-the-world, usa

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