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Where to go, where to go...

 J and I have been dreaming and scheming about his future posting as an embassy guard. This is important and not so important.  In the quirky way of the French administration, the Powers that Be ask each employee where they would like to be stationed, requiring said employee to choose three destinations. Then, when it comes time to fill a post, the employee's wishes are (usually) summarily dismissed and the employee is offered another country/continent/hemisphere entirely.  If the employee turns down the offer, his or her name goes to the bottom of the posting list, so unless the assignment is reallllllly bad or dangerous, one does not say no.

So, for our three countries, even though we probably won't get any of them, we've still been thinking. Soëlie does not have US nationality simply because I'm American, so if it is possible*, we wouldn't mind a stint in New York to help her get the requisite 3yrs-before-18th-birthday stay time in the States to obtain her dual citizenship. The other US opening is in Washington, but bleh...neither of us want to go there.

In trying to decide another country, I visited this site to see what parts of the world are still unbeknownst to me.  I did this map years ago, before our world trip, but now it has a little more color.

create your own visited country map
or check our Venice travel guide

I've visited 27 countries, which only equals 12%!!!

Still vast tracts of unexplored territory there. I like the sound of "-stan" countries like Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan (Afghanistan and Pakistan not so much). Czechoslovakia was my favorite country name ever. Too bad it doesn't exist any longer. Zimbabwe is another fun one. Consonance aside, though, Indonesia would be good money-wise, location-wise, and, for Julien, spearfishing-wise. I wouldn't mind Turkey for the history...

How about you? Where would you go for four years?

*We've heard that a US posting is not likely for us because I'm American. Something about the French gov't not wanting their employees possibly developing compromised, conflicting loyalties.
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