The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Checking in

Julien: Thanks so much for the good thoughts for Julien.  We won't have an answer about the embassies for a couple of weeks, at least, but he feels like his interview went well. All we can do now is hope. His professional experience is what it is, and there is nothing he can do at this point to make himself a likelier candidate. There is nothing he can do if the posts are filled by people who had nepotistic backing or people pulling strings for them. We shall see what we see.

Soëlie: She's not gaining enough weight. I wasn't worried at first, but then nerves and stress and fatigue and second opinions all started getting the best of me. It has been a weepy few days. Our family doc asked us to weigh her several times a day and come back next Thursday to look at the recorded results so we can make further decisions as to what to do. The doc is not too worried at this point, saying that she may just be slow to take off, but still... I'm carrying a guilt monkey the size of a gorilla, thinking it is all my fault.  I gotta just breathe and let that go.

Me: See above.  Oh, and I have a cold. So does Soëlie. 

Tags: family, sprout

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