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 I have not been writing; I have not been revising.  I have not been sleeping...well, not sleeping enough. 

I just came through a bout of insomnia.  At the beginning of my pregnancy, I was so tired that my insomnia and difficulty falling asleep grew to be distant memories. However, almost two weeks ago, insomnia slithered back into my head and, coupled with a compressed bladder, kept me from getting enough sleep, no matter how tired I grew.  I couldn't even take naps. Friday, I was so exhausted, I broke into tears when I realized I was missing my birthing class because I was trying to take a nap..."trying" being the extremely operative word. Well, the crying took its toll and I was able to nap for an hour after I got over the guilt of not respecting my appointment and the realization that yes, this parenting thing is going to take a lot of effort and there is no way I can be prepared for every contingency before the birth or expect to be up to date on every parenting technique, on how I feel about issues like immunizations and if they are really safe for children, and and and...

And that night, I was back in bed, ready to sleep, at 9:30 and only lay there for an hour before being able to nod off. After two nights of 10 hours of shut-eye (not uninterrupted, mind you; remember the pregnant lady bladder thing) and one night of 8, I'm feeling almost human again. 

But this weekend, I've only had the will to binge. Binge on season 4 of Dexter. All 12 episodes in two days. Binge on crocheting. Hours and hours of doing double stitches, trying to finish the blanket for my niece's baby so that I can get on with projects for Little Bean without feeling guilty for putting "me and mine" first.

And I could say I binged on spice muffins and chocolate pudding pie, but I won't because I didn't.  Not really.  Indulging is not bingeing. 

Dexter is over, but the blanket is not finished.  Back to work.
Tags: family, hodgepodge, whinging
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