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And so it goes...

Been a while since I've touched base, so I feel like there is a lot to say. I probably won't, however, share all of it.

First things first, we are now in the last month before our move. We have arranged to borrow J's dad's moving van (he's a brocanteur), so that will help with the expenses, and we can get it a few days early and start loading it up so that everything doesn't have to be done on the 1st. We've found a place to live--at least temporarily. The house does not have a yard, a veranda, or air conditioning, but it is on Petite Terre, and that is the essential thing. If Julien is going to be able to work on a boat, we have to live on Petite Terre, but we had pretty much given up finding anything there because all the apartments and houses get snatched up pretty quickly.

And poor Julien deserves to be put into a good service on Mayotte after what he goes through with the CRS. Right now they are moving ahead of the Tour de France, providing security in the villages/towns. On Sunday they have to go to Paris for the France/Italy match (tens of thousands of people party it up on the Champs if France wins). Then it is to Le Havre (maybe) to help enforce the safety perimeter laid out by the bomb squad who has to move an old, unexploded bomb that was found there. And then they are maybe coming back to Sancerre for one day or maybe going directly to Cannes-Ecluse where they have to guard the police school because some Iraqis are going to be there for a training. He'll be gone until the 24th, which leaves us very few days for the packing. Guess who'll be elbow deep in boxes?

I've been taking care of myself recently--exercising, resting, eat right--and I'm feeling good in body. The mind is doing okay, at least in so far as I have control of it. There are always factors and people outside of one's control who can, if we let them, cause us to fret and question ourselves; but today, as always, I can only be responsible for myself.

Speaking of taking care of myself, I went to see an acupuncturist on Tuesday (first time). The actual sticking in of the needles doesn't hurt, but when he twists them around, that did NOT feel good. My left leg really hurt during the ten minutes that he left me there, and then when I turned over and he stuck some in my back, the one that he put on the left side was extremely painful. What does that mean? He prescribed me some gel tabs (made purely from plant extracts), too, and those should be arriving chez moi any day now.

On the writing front, my short that I sent to SH got rejected. Didn't really expect anything to come of it. After I sent it, I realized that no matter how I wanted to turn it, it was not really a story that fit the mag, at least what I've read of it. For some reason, rejections (of which I've only had two) don't really affect me. Ask me how I feel about it in 30 years time and several hundred rejections later and we'll see if I've changed my tune.

No progress on TTD. :-( I've decided to turn some energy instead to a collaboration I'm doing.

Some good news about work: I've sold several painting and a bronze sculpture in the last few days, so my commission should be looking good for the month of July. Also, I have been at the gallery for a year now, so I have some weeks of paid holiday coming up. That will make a nice addition to me final paycheck.

Too bad I'm going to have to spend it to get a new muffler on our car. :-(

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