The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

The beauty of critiques

 *names withheld to protect the innocent*

I'm going back over my chapters again, this time with critiques in hand.  These particular crits are from a year ago when I first put the beginning chapters of WW on the OWW.

Critter one about chapter 2 (paraphrasing mine): "I thought your chapter one rocked; much better than c2. You had action there. Here you just have a big info dump, no conflict, and a passive character."

Critter two on chapter 2 (again, paraphrasing is mine): "I much prefer this chapter to your first one. This is one more dramatic and well-written. Here we have conflict and interesting characters..."

So, um, yeah...back to revising trenches I go, repeating merrily to myself, "You'll never please everyone..."
Tags: that thing called writing, witherwilds

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