The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer


- Health professionals, please, please, PLEASE wash your hands before you touch me or any other patient. I say this not because I am, in general, freaked out by germs but because your nails were black and there were patches of dry, dirty looking skin on your fingers.  Maybe you like to garden or tinker with your car or engage in some other manual activity that stains your skin. In that case, wear gloves so you don't scare the person whose needle you are positioning with your scary, dirty-looking paws.

- I hate when I am stretching a rubber band and it breaks and snaps me across the back of the hand.

- Don't you just love it when you buy something and a grumpy clerk, instead of putting your change in your politely out-stretched hand, throws it on the counter in front of you?  Yeah, me, too...

In happier "handy" news, both crochet projects are advancing, so much so that I almost bought more yarn today to knit a baby sweater. I did not succumb.  I shall hold out until at least one of the blankets is finished. I do start WW revisions in three days after all. It is not like I have nothing else to do with my time.
Tags: feeling crafty, hodgepodge

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