The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer


Today was a day of doing, of making.

I worked on the baby blanket (which I have decided to give to my niece. Not the one I originally intended it for, but the one who will give birth in Nov. Yes, a mother and then a great aunt, all in the space of a month, give or take some days.) I also started on the blanket I will be crocheting for Little Bean.  Julien learned to knit today, and he is going to be making an adorable bonnet/scarf combo and then some mini boots. Photos to follow, rest assured.

I also played with my Wacom Intuous (at last), thanks to inspiration provided by asakiyume.  I can't post the sketch tonight because LJ Scrapbook is not uploading anything for the moment.  Tomorrow, I hope.

Julien and I went for a walk, as well, and harvested more plums.  Goodies shall follow.

Tags: art, feeling crafty, gourmandise, sancerre

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