The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Scattered Brain

Despite going to bed last night with To Be Undone firmly in my thoughts, my dreams instead turned to a meeting with an Assyriologist who wanted me to visit the Louvre* and study the Assyrian artifacts there.  She did not have a very good opinion, I deduced from her expression, of Jean Bottéro,** which seemed odd given that he was a renowned expert in the field. This dream deals directly with my ms The Bitter River, which I am keen to get wrapped up as well, but the research, the research, it is monstrous!

Then, in my waking-dozing state this morning, my thoughts were filled with Witherwilds and things I needed to remember to incorporate or things my sleepy brain found to be genius. My waking mind is not so sure.

This morning, however, I did something stupid that brought TBU back to the forebrain. I scooped a drowning wasp out of a pot of dishwater with my bare finger. I got a sting in form of thanks, and that ouchie reminded me that Phayn, the MC of TBU, is handy with a blowgun. I need to make sure she uses it a bit more in the opening chapters.

* This is a good idea actually, and a trip to Paris for research purposes is in order.

** I'm currently reading one of Bottéro's books, The Oldest Cuisine in the World: Cooking in Mesopotamia,  by Jean Bottéro and Teresa Lavender Fagan.
Tags: dreams, that thing called writing, the bitter river, to be undone, witherwilds

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