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Wanna go to the movies?

gakked from kmkibble75 .

The meme:
01. Comment to this post and I will give you 5 actors and 5 actresses.
02. Then have a post in your Livejournal, with 1 picture of your favourite movie for each person.
03. Repost this so your friends can play too.

(Each link takes you to a pic. Couldn't snatch the code from IMDb.)

1. Alec Guiness: Star Wars. However, I wish I could remember seeing other films he did; he looks to have had a great career. 
2. James Garner (love this photo): Maverick, the movie starring Jodie Foster and Mel Gibson.
3. Clint Eastwood: Escape from Alcatraz, or A Perfect World 
4. Geoffrey Rush: Nigel in Finding Nemo. :D
5. Brad Pitt (Had to throw in a little eye candy for you<--That's kmkibble75 's comment, btw)hmmm, Kalifornia or Snatch. I guess I like 'im scruffy:D

And now for the ladies:
1. Sophie Marceau - Braveheart is the movie I discovered her in, but I hated her for taking Murron's place in William's affections. *sigh* I got over the hate by the end of the movie though. Poor gal had a rough time of it.
2. Winona Ryder: Little Women
3. Miley Cyrus: Sorry, don't know her. Heard of her, but never saw anything with her in it. An interesting bit of trivia is that Ms Cyrus's movie LOL, which is slated 2011 for the States, is a remake of a recent French film, by the same title, which starred Sophie Marceau above. :P
4. Judi Dench: The Shipping News. Ms. Dench has got such a great face!
5. Kathleen Turner: Romancing the Stone; I wanted to like 'V.I.' Warshawski but alas.
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