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Witherwilds deals with two principle languages/cultures, Semborain (of Sembor) and Soqoli (of Paoqei).  Here is a very basic pronunciation guide for both languages.


A - as in "at"
E - as in "egg" or "it" when anywhere BUT the end of a word; é (ay) when located at the end of a word
I - is said as a long E
O - as in oh
U - as in "you" or "uh"

ai - long I (eye)
ei- long A
oi - as in oy
ui - "we"
au - as in how
eu - as in new


ll - yuh
nj - ñ (nyuh)
rr - rolled r
tx - the closest Semborain sound to ch 
x - sh

So, Baxente is said Ba-shen-tay; Semborain is Sim-bor-eyen, Zanjalausi is Zanyuh-low-see (low as in allow)


All vowels are long and are pronounced separately.  Exceptions: single As or Es when they fall at the end of words and are directly preceded by a consonant . They are pronounced, respectively, "ah" (or "uh" if you have a faint Southern accent like I do), and "eh" as in "egg."  

Doubled or tripled vowels are always pronounced separately. Exceptions, doubled A and E at the end of words preceded by a consonant, in which case, they are pronounced singly (ie, long A or long E)

Paoqei = Pay-O-Key-I
iemodi = I-E-Mo-Die
Srila = Sri-lah
Qeoe  = Key-O-E
Iasree - I-A-sree

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