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This, that, and the other

Julien arrived late Tuesday night, so I had time to do some more boxes. When he got home, he followed my silly sappy post-it notes up the stairs and to the living room. He saw my paints and easel and said, "You've been painting!" And I responded, "Noooooo." Finally, he looks around and sees the Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting on the wall. He was happy with it! That's a relief.

Yesty morning, too late in the morning (quelle chaleur!), he took me running. Ugh. Because I can not keep up with my super athletic man, I do a run-walk thing. Well, he got ahead of me by a ways and then I a bad turn and shucked my shoes, socks, and shorts fell in the river. Afterward, I stood in the midst of some grasses that were taller than I and watched the bees pollinating the seed heads and the dragonflies sunning their stained-glass-window wings. I startled a beautiful green frog with big golden eyes, and he plunged into the mud in the bottom of a stagnant pool.

The jog back to the car wasn't too bad, since my *fall* cooled me off. After eating a lovely lunch of grilled duck breast and salad, we went back to the Loire for a...*cough* real swimming session. The water was fabulous. In the evening, we visited two wine cellars and tasted six different wines. That's just a few too many for me, but we had some good ones.

Today I had to go back to work. :( It was okay, though. I really can't complain. I had to time to read and play with the pastels that I bought just after Christmas and still haven't taken the time to experiment with.

Still no new words. And I have a short that is ready to send out and I'm just sitting on it. Silly me.
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