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Writing about Writing - Day 7

7. Do you listen to music while you write? What kind? Are there any songs you like to relate/apply to your characters?

Sometimes. There are days I don't think of putting on music, and usually when I do, it is by accident, as it were.  When I do set out to listen to music while writing, it must be very mellow, what frigg  likes to call pot-smoking music.  She's a strange one, that frigg . :P  For The Traveler's Daughter, I listened to Damien Rice's O album on loop with Beck's "Lost Cause," and a few instrumental soundtrack pieces thrown in.

For Witherwilds, I had soundtracks worked out for 3 of the 5 POVs, but <insert screams of rage> they were "lost" with the "stolen/lost/thrown'out" hard drive back on Mayotte.

So, now it's Damien Rice again, but also AaRON (this one especially..."it's not the wings that make the angel." You said it)  and Alela Diane and...well, I could go on.  In contrast to my usual "mellow" choices, songs from Default (such as Deny and Wasting My Time) and Audioslave (frex Like a Stone) also feature. Writers like navicat  and the aforementioned frigg  who like metal probably scoff at those songs being classified as anything but easy-listening. *g*

And of course,  I must mention Johnny Cash's "Hurt" for one character in particular. 
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