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Only 1.5 to go

 POVs that is before I finish draft one of Witherwilds. That translates to 9 8 chapters. 

Today, I finished Qeoe's storyline.  Mirco and Baxente have been wrapped up for a while.  That leaves me with 4 more chapters to write for Srila and 5 4! for Lelo. From the looks of it, one could echo frigg  and say, "You have it all planned out!"

I do.  Amazing for me.  And I think my plan is strong enough to see me through to this draft. It is such a different feeling and approach to blundering my way through to "The End."

I would dearly love to have this draft finished by June 31, but that means a chapter every 2.8 days. Doable, yes. But advisable?  Who knows? I don't want to stress myself out with goals, but I will continue writing every day.  We shall see how far that takes me by month's end.
Tags: accomplishments, that thing called writing, witherwilds
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