The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

And the deadline doth approach

 Only two days to go until we load the moving van and three until we drive it up to Sancerre. (yes, we are living in Ménétréol-sous-Sancerre, but that is a lot to type, and it is only a few kilometers away at the base of Sancerre's hill, so....I shall probably always refer to our new home as "Sancerre.")

Amazingly, we have not procrastinated and left everything to the last minute.  Julien has to finish packing his clothes that are still in the closet; we have to remove the last of our affairs from under our bed, take apart and pack said bed, and put another in its place.

Moving day will be here before we know it, but at least we are ready for it!

This morning, while sorting through boxes in the garage, I heard pigeons cooing. The sound transported me back to Sancerre summers when the little feathered beasties would drive me mad with their incessant courting in the eaves of the next-door church. This time, though, their wooing brought a smile to my face.  I'm happy to be returning to a place that feels like home.
Tags: move, sancerre

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