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Sugar Doll Baby Blogger Award

mindseas  tagged me for this meme, the name of which I'm not sure I understand. Looooong time since I've done a meme, so I shall give it a shot...

Herewith, ten unusual things apropos de moi, after which I will name five others for the award:

1)  I've traveled around the world, from France to France, always going west... Er, you knew I would lead off with that, right?

2) My navel is crooked.  Or something is anyway.  Every single pair of pants or shorts I try on shows me that it is so.  My navel is never in line with the zipper, never directly over the button.  I used think it was poor sewing/assembly, but every pair of shorts and pants can't be wrong, can it?

3) I started driving solo when I was eleven. First, it was to piano lessons then, shortly after, to school so I could stay for basketball practice.  Childhood on a New Mexican farm has its blessings, lots of them, actually.

4) Whenever I eat a lemon, I eat it all.  OK, not the seeds.  Just the pulp and the peel.

5)  I know how to do some pretty odd tricks with my tongue.

6) Although I am left-handed, I canNOT use left-handed scissors. I don't know if this is true for other lefties, but give me right-handed scissors any day.

7) I find memes like this very hard to do. I always think I'm pretty unusual until it comes down to the wire
7) I once saw a Spiderman film being made in Pecos, Texas.  I am unusual in this because, apparently, no one else in the world did...*

8) Julien says: You don't like beer, Coca Cola, or ketchup. That's pretty unusual for an American. Oh, and you like rugby. (woot! Thanks, mana_trini . Because of your help, I just might finish this meme before midnight.)

9) I've slept in a sail on a beach in Madagascar because there wasn't enough wind to get us to our destination.

10) I've been scuba diving at night.  Soooo cool with all the phosphorescent critters that come out/are visible at night with an underwater torch.

And now to inflict this on five of my friends... ::taps lips contemplatively::

frigg ; pjthompson ; paft ; secritcrush ; tatterpunk 

* I also saw my uncles standing in my grandparents' front yard, talking to Santa Claus, who was standing by his sleigh. They don't remember it, though. Silly grownups.
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