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 As you may have noticed (if you are observant like my friend Robin) from the location of my valises, we are back in France. 

And in France, spring is in full swing.

After three years in Mayotte and several months of continent- and hemisphere-hopping, I'm looking forward to settling down a bit and witnessing the passing of the seasons. 

In celebration, I give you some glimpses of spring as seen in my mother-in-law's backyard:

The first daffodil...

A blushing daisy...

Peeping violets that  make the lawn smell like candy...

The violets aren't the only things peeping in the grass. This Max (Maxwell Soot to be precise), with eyes like spring.

And of course, every spring garden needs a helping hand after a hard winter:

Julien the Lumberjack, erstwhile globetrotter.

Thank you for the colorful and warm welcome, France.*


* There was snow on the ground when we arrived, but like I said, I've missed the seasons, all of them...
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