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slowly is as slowly does

Quote of the day:

It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop. --Confucius

I read this this morning. It has stuck with me all day and made me feel better in general about all my creative passions, especially my writing. I may be going through one heck of a dry spell, but I haven’t given up.

The painting is coming along famously if I do say so myself. One bit has the potential to become worrisome, but I’m not going to let it trouble me until I’m very certain that I can’t get it right. Depending on mood, I can enjoy or dislike minutia. Hopefully the desire to work on it will stay with me until J gets back.

No matter if the painting is finished, I don’t think he’ll be kindly disposed to its appreciation if I don’t get the house into some kind of order before he gets back. The mess is obviously getting to me, for I had a dream last night that he came home and it wasn’t done. He just kept saying, “Je suis déçu. Je suis vraiment déçu. ” (I’m disappointed. I’m really disappointed.) And all the while he was washing my dirty dishes. Yep, I think la vaisselle will be on my list of things to do before Tuesday afternoon. :D

Wisdom of the day:

Don’t try to cook in a bathing suit.

And speaking of bathing suits, in two months to the day, I will be setting foot on Mayotte.
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