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Three Bees

First just let me say that LJ sucks.  It just scrambled and then lost the post I was in the middle of writing.  *kicks, kicks, kicks*

So, as I was trying to say in a happy tone, At last!  I have my third bee on the 'orkshop.  Would have had it yonks ago if I hadn't let my membership lapse the first time around.  I have two more crits to post but I figure being patient never hurt anyone.

Tonight I'm going to watch Return of the King and work on the painting that I started for J's last October.  Yes, October 2005! *is ashamed of self.*  He will be surprised to see it when he gets home on Tuesday, for I plan to have it completed by then.  I will take a picture of it to post if I'm not too ashamed of my efforts.

I'm starting to get that bubbly, tingly anticipation in my stomach that signals I'm about ready to recommence writing.  No new words yet, but I'm just thrilled that they are building up inside me.

In the meantime, I'll exercise the other creative part of me.

Have a good weekend, all.
Tags: artistic aspirations, hodgepodge, i'm a good girl i am, that thing called writing

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