The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

The things I see - Chiang Mai, Thailand

At a local food market, pretty pink eggs, but...., it being mid-February, I think it is safe to bet that those aren't Easter eggs. What is that black stuff? Nothing I want to put in my mouth, that much I can tell you.

Also in Chiang Mai: 

After my cooking class, I accompanied Julien to a little roadside eatery for his supper ( I got to eat all my dishes and was stuffed to the gills). Out of the gloom of the poorly lit street lumbered an elephant, a man in farmer's togs on his back.  When the great, dark beastie meandered past, we saw that his rider had thoughtfully attached a flashing red "warning" light to his tail, complete with a CD in guise of a reflector.
Tags: out of my ordinary, pics, round-the-world, southeast asia, the things i see
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