The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Open Letter to...

 The Three Silly and Very Annoying Girls on the Plane from Brisbane to Sydney;

Hard though it may be to imagine, the entire aircraft was not interested in your discussion and would have appreciated it if you had lowered your voices to more reasonable, conversational levels.

No, your gambit of speaking of vaginal piercings did not make you cool in our eyes, and your laughs, far from being tinkling, charming, and engaging, were more like the brayings of poorly castrated donkeys.

I speak on behalf of our fellow travelers when I kindly suggest that next time you tone it down.

All I can say beyond that is thank the Lord you weren't on the 8-hr flight to Singapore.

Absolutely No Love,
Me and the rest of the Jet Star flight 
Tags: putting on my travelin' shoes, ranting, round-the-world, stupid people
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