September 11th, 2020

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A Photo Ramble

What follows will be long and quite possibly uninteresting for anyone not into growing food, but I wish to get a copy of my thoughts and observations of this growing season (as well as a few comparisons to others) in one place where I can refer back to it.  I mentioned before that I have not really allowed myself the joy of all the work we have accomplished so far because I am always looking into the future of "when it will be more like it 'should' be," and that can get pretty depressing.

(Funny side note, the above lines were written weeks ago. Alas. That is the way things go)

To battle the depression, I thought I would post some before and now pictures to truly get a grasp on just how much has changed. However, now the garden has changed even more and I need new photos. :P

(Extra Funny Side Note:  The above lines were written almost two months ago)

Let's skip the long and blather and just post some photos because I have another post I want to make.

Garden when we moved in (view from the house):

Collapse )

Busy bees we've been.  I guess i fibbed because that was pretty long....