October 4th, 2019

Junebug: Diggin' life

From Seen and Inspired to Made and Cherished

In this post about my birthday, I mentioned that I would come back to that lovely table which was holding our new pottery.

Consider me back. :P

While at Guédelon, we watched many artisans at work, including the carpenters. Farmer Boy declared that when we got home (insisted, in fact, that AS SOON AS WE GOT HOME, irregardless of that being 10 p.m.) J would help him make a stool. However, on the road, the idea morphed into making a replica of this table we saw at Guédelon:

Much to Farmer Boy's chagrin, the table-making did not start that night but the next morning:

He and J worked hard, assembling and shaping all the pieces:

Understanding how to go from a cylinder to a properly centered cone. Hint, you have to start from a square:

And not to be outdone, Ti'Loup got to work on his own piece of wood, making lots of wood dust on the way:

The finished keepsake:


Well done, guys!