March 14th, 2019

art - pondering

Grace, remember

In this entry, I posted that I would like to try to at least look at my manuscript every day, whether or not I work on it; just look and progress would more likely be made than not. I am here to report that I have not looked at the MS every day. However, I have edited 82 of 132 pages, so I feel gracious enough towards myself considering all the the other stuff I have had on my plate like preparing a big birthday party and getting seedlings started for the new growing year, amongst other things.

The manuscript that I have edited is not the one I referenced in the other post, though. I still have to sit down with that other project and figure out a timeline for finishing illustrations and such.We are supposed to have a dedicated craft room in this house, but right now most of that is taken up with a seedling propagator. With a fairly short growing season and now being in possession of a grow tunnel, I need to get on the ball with as many plants as I can for longer harvests.

And as for that garden layout overhaul? Still all in my head. I did run the chickens through part of the existing patch on bug and plant patrol, but as for the actual marking out of beds? Nope.

It will happen. It will happen. In the meantime, breathe deeply and give grace.


Oh, and the ducklings I mentioned yesterday? Hatched. Haven't seen if all 12 eggs made it, but they are so darling and so YELLOW!