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Aussie Friends

 I've been really fortunate that I've gotten to meet several online friends face to face on this trip.  First there was mindseas  in NYC and then rabiagale  in Vermont.

And most recently, it was Aussie slmcgaw  in New Zealand

Horsing around at Lake Manapouri, just before we had to say goodbye. As I said in another post, it was great fun finally meeting Sharon in person, and it was lovely to have so much time together.

And navicat  in Sydney.

Hanging out in hell, inferno's flames bathing our faces, listening to a live rendition of the Eagles at the Scubar.  Before heading to the bar, we had a tasty dinner at a dumpling house in Chinatown.  Thanks, Jo, for picking such great fillings.  We then had ice cream, and Jo's rotten luck of the day made my scoop of black sesame seed slide off the cone. Thankfully, the nice people at the parlor gave me another one for free. It might have tarnished my friendship with Jo forever had they not.  :P 

Just kidding.

Kind of.  It was good ice cream. :D
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