September 28th, 2018

art: guitton - housework

In the works; oh the work!

Remember when I said to keep on eye on our pond? This pond, that was so poorly made (and by a professional, we were told):

Here it is this winter, with Sprout for scale, at maximum capacity, and you can see the liner is never fully underwater. There was always a minimum of 12" (30cm) of liner showing. Because the banks were so steep they were a danger to kids and animals and could not be disguised by vegetation, earth, or stones.

Yes, it was big and deep enough for the ducks to have a good dunk, but it was still an eyesore.

So instead of simply clearing out the sedges that were beginning to take over, we decided on a total pond overhaul. As you might have seen in a recent post, J already pulled out the liner; and when we rented an excavator to install a new septic system, we took advantage of it to reshape and extend the pond.

J started leveling things out:

Collapse )
Let us hope that the regrowth with be both rapid and beautiful. I will now go downstairs with a rake, bucket, and shovel, and start collecting stones and smoothing things out. The sooner I get that done, the sooner we can get the ducks in place. And boy am I going to be happy to do that. They are not good animals to move around on pasture. Think of all the water I must lug around...

Gleying developments to come as they, well, develop...:P