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March 21st, 2018

Hoopin' it up

As trite and cliché as it may sound, clouds do have silver their silver linings.

J got three days off work for his grandmother's death, so he was able to come home after the funeral. The little break was a welcome one because otherwise he would have been gone from us for a full month. He still won't be back until April 5th, but the break made the long stretch a little more bearable. I really pray he gets his transfer this summer.

A package arrived the day before he got back:

And thanks to frigg, you get to see a step-by-almost-step of the set-up of what is inside.
Many pics this wayCollapse )
Kids and dog approve. Let the growing begin.

Sorry for the different photo sizes.  No idea what is up with it and not wasting my time figuring it out.

Keep your eye on that "pond." Fixing that will be one of the big projects this spring/summer.


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    Hello, you! It's been ages! I hope you are doing all right. :)
  • 27 Sep 2020, 14:41
    Congratulations! What a fantastic achievement.
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    When I was younger, I would usually finish a book I started, even if I didn't enjoy it. (Well, if I'd read more than just the first couple of pages, that is. Everyone can try a page or two as a test…
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