January 11th, 2015

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Third time's a charm

I made a galette on Saturday, and it was great.  If I do say so myself. :P

This time there were no leaks, it wasn't too sweet, and the crust rose even more beautifully than last time. I tried a method that called for baking 20 minutes at 180 (Celcius), then 20 min at 160, and 20-40 min at 140.  As you can imagine, with the oven I have, that wasn't really feasible but I did my best to progressively lower the temperature by propping the door open with a wooden spoon, and then turning off the oven toward the end of the baking process.  It takes longer and is a bit more tedious, requiring more attention, but I'll try it for sure when I have a better oven.

I also opted for a freehand design of my own imagining.  I should have thought it out a bit more rather than doing it spur of the moment with a 4-yr-old chattering at me and a crying baby hanging on my leg. :-/ Apart from the few places that I cut a bit too deeply, it turned out all right:




I was thinking of olive branches and a little dove of peace.  I wanted to do several little animals and leaves, but then the kids started in on me, I decided to keep it simple.
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Snippet Sunday

I keep saying I'll take photos of what I'm doing so that I can make a decent snippet post, but we've taken other pictures of late, which I'll include under a cut.

On the creative front, I've been crocheting a sweater for Junebug.  Given the shortness and mildness of Egyptian winters, I'm making for 18-24 mo, but I don't know if it will be big enough next year. I've also been doing some sketches, working on a suitable style for a picture book idea I have. And baking: galettes, pizzas, bread. Baking counts, right?

So photos:
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* Sprout was 14 mo in the photos in the link; Junebug is 10 mo. :)