November 26th, 2014

Egypt: Sphinx

Here By Glimpses Known

I didn't forget about Snippet Sunday this week; I just didn't take (make) the time to snap photos due to a combination of other things to do and freakish (for Egypt) weather that resulted in bad lighting. I mostly did the drawing challenge I mentioned, but I also took time to do a couple of blind contour sketches in prepartion of doing a funky family portrait (I need to buy a good marker first) and resumed painting Sprout.  The painting was to be my main focus last week, but because of the extreme pollution and rainstorms, lighting was not conducive to that undertaking.  Perhaps this weekend...if my sewing projects don't take over.

Anyhow, you aren't here to hear about snippets but to catch a glimpse:

bee eaters

Little green bee eaters, Cleopatra subspecies, I believe

I lugged a step-ladder downstairs and hauled it around and around (and don't you know the locals were confounded by what the crazy foreign lady was doing), trying to get a good shot of these beauties but because of a wall and the exposition of the early morning sun, I was not successful in getting a really nice view.  I'll keep trying. :P