May 15th, 2014

Egypt: Sphinx

Here By Glimpses Known

Seven years ago*--minus 10 days to be specific :P -- I started doing "glimpses" to show people a bit about where I live. I kept it up pretty faithfully in Mayotte but failed to do so in France.  Most long-time readers of my blog will have figured out that I haven't exactly fallen in love with Egypt, but I got to thinking the other day that it might be a good exercise in observation and fondness-kindling if I brought back snapshots of life here.  To try is to know, or at least get a better idea, so back to giving glimpses I shall strive to go...


“Work to eat. Eat to live. Live to bike. Bike to work.” ~ Unknown
Bonus photo: You can't see it very well--and I'm too tired to reframe the pic--but the cyclist arrived at "work" hauling not only his lawnmower but also carrying a mug (yes, a real glass mug) of tea, which he is setting on the seat of the scooter.

* Back when my journal had a different name. :P